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Deeat Palace: KSX

"Hard as nails but def not marble-frigid,
this is what you call a hectic noise burner."

Taking on her Deeat Palace guise again after releasing her debut extended player on Mind Records in February, Marion Camy Palou returns to treat us to one of her signature stormy, malevolent hybrids of post-apocalyptic atmospheres, bleeding riffs and blazing electronics.

Zeroing in on a nasty mashup of killer drone mechs, eerie whispers and sudden noise bursts, the Parisian producer – previously known as one half of Oktober Lieber and as the front woman of no wave punk band Officine – delivers yet another fine piece of obliterating post-industrial experimentality with ‘KSX‘.

More melodic and “clasically” arranged in its own terms, ‘KSX‘ mixes the high-intensity magnetism of primitive rhythms with repeated sequences of blustery-wind field recordings. Then, when the thick noisey shroud created by its red-hot turbines dissipates for a minute, a delicate melody pierces across as some long-lost reminiscence, tracing the contours to a much subtler scenario than initially expected. Hard as nails but def not marble-frigid, this is what you call a hectic noise burner.

But where the lead-cut adroitly walks the line between a convulsive proto-technoid percwork and hollowed-out punk tropes from a dystopian future, the B-side ‘LNNL‘ operates as a fiercely brutal counterweight on the flip – opening a Pandora’s box of languid yet rowdy drums a la Damned, ghostly synth timbres and guttural vox incantations sounding much like that of a Haitian hoodoo priest exhorting ghouls and zombies to leave the quiet of their crypt for a trancey march amongst the livings. Dare trespassing and you’ll quickly fall into Deeat Palace’s clutches for good.

KSX is scheduled for release on 25th December 2018via Mind Records, order a copy from Bandcamp.



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