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El_Txef_A: She Kissed Me First

Brighton based Hypercolour records have a new artist up their sleeve and from what I’ve heard from his debut ‘She Kissed me First EP’ it’s a promising start.

El_Txef_A aka Aitor Etxebarria Bilbao may not be the household name that we expect from a label such as Hypercolour but this 24 year old Spaniard has released on labels such as Flumo and Cray1 Labworks where he delivered some fine deep house and techno tracks.

His ‘She Kissed me First EP’ offers three tracks, the original and two remixes, which I’ll come to later. Aitor’s original serves up some supreme uplifting house music. A bouncy bass line enriched with warm piano stabs and that saxophone-esque vocal. No doubt that if you’re in Ibiza right now this is a tune that you’ll be hearing on the terraces for sure.

First up on remix duty is Holger Zilske, for all you Dirtybird and B-Pitch Control fans out there I’ve got a feeling this is defiantly more your cup of tea. Holger lays down a jolty beat adding more movement to the original. He uses the same piano stabs as the original; however this remix feels way more bouncy.

Lastly we have the epic Minolgue remix. This is by far my favourite track on the EP, but I’m just a sucker for deep dubby techno. The Swedish duo serve up a 15 minute track that is set to please even the most macabre of us. Minilogue take a completely different route to the latter, offereing a deep techy slow mo version of the original that gradually builds up throughout the track offering any listener with decent headphones an experience that will carry you away.

‘She Kissed me First EP’ is a great release from Hypercolour and is defiantly one that I’ll be picking up on vinyl sometime soon I recommend you do the same.