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Peter Van Hoesen: Irrational X

Now here’s one hell of a dark atmospheric techno experience for y’all! Any guesses who’s behind these tracks…yep you guessed it, it’s that Belgian techno head Peter Van Hoesen and Berlin-based duo Marco Freivogel and Ingo Gansera aka Exercise One on remix duty.

Right from the very beginning of Peter Van Hoesen’s ‘Irrational X‘ you can instantly tell that this is ‘the’ track on this 12″.  It’s bumbling driving bass line pulls you into some hypnotic realm, whilst a sketchy synth line makes this track even weirder and by weird I mean top notch. This is easily one of my favourite tunes, and is a definite dance floor killer, more Berghain inclined I’d say.

Exercise One’s remix offers a dub-infused bouncier version of the original. It’s not purely bassline, it has more kick to it, some would say more life, but I’d disagree for me the original wins this hands down.

Finally we have the ‘Slowmix‘, essentially it does exactly what it says but it has added stabs and effects to it. Ultimately this is another fine example of Peter Van Hoesen’s talents growing strength to strength.