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Timedance: Sharpen, Moving

“Sharpen, Moving might feel small at first in this year’s large-by-the-numbers compilations, however it aims clearly on what it wants to achieve and executes it flawlessly”
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Peter Van Hoesen

Belgium born techno producer Peter Van Hoesen discusses forthcoming releases and what’s next for his label Time To Express. He also sheds light into his formative years in Belgium and his collaborative project Sendai.

Peter Van Hoesen: Life Performance

1. Hyperion
2. Subjects from the Past
3. Exacting Reward
4. Carbon
5. Challenger
6. Assembly
7. Azur
8. Deceive / Perform
9. Turmoil
10. Causal Condition
11. Force Withdrawn
12. Protocol
13. Ascending
14. Arrival