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Peter Van Hoesen: Receiver 1/3 Donato Dozzy & Sigha Remixes

I tend to think that last year Peter Van Hoesen’s second album Perceiver didn’t get the attention it deserved. It was one of 2012’s most characteristic techno experiments, so it’s a mystery why the breakthrough didn’t happen, especially in times like this, when techno music craves for thought provoking records. Maybe we can blame the release date of September, when usually hundreds of releases are slung out to the web, and the chance of overlooking quality music considerably bigger. Anyway, recently the Belgian techno producer has launched an extensive remix treatment for the album titled Receiver, which gives us another chance to listen to Perceiver.

Donato Dozzy and Sigha share slots on the first part of the series. The more recognised member of Voices From The Lake selected Attribute 39 to remix, or to be more accurate, he enhanced the ambient elements from the end of the original by removing the darker parts and kicks, and adding beautiful, emotionally overcharged soundscapes. This beatless seven minute voyage is a small masterpiece by Dozzy. The melody and the textures evoke the very best moments of Bvdub and Rod Modell’s aerial sketches, it’s smooth back-seat narrative makes you put the track on endless repeat.

James Shaw aka Sigha responds aptly on the flipside. While Dozzy transformed a straight 4/4 techno piece into an engaging, complex work of art, Sigha does the exact opposite. In his take on Attack On The Reality Principle only the noisy background contains something reminiscent from the original 2-minute-long interlude. Otherwise, the track is a pretty basic stomper in Living With Ghosts style. Almost nothing changes during it’s course: the highly effective rhythm is on full charge, focusing on the core of techno and nothing else.

Receiver 1/3 is a promising start, its contents are not just random remixes. Both artists support the concept of the 12” by playing their parts perfectly, which also encourages the listener to (re)discover the originals as well in order to unlock the release’s hidden layers. With more interpretations soon to follow by SCB, Ø [Phase], Marcel Fengler and Neel (the other half of Voices From The Lake), Receiver clearly has a chance to become one of 2013’s best remix packages.