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ISOTOOP Easter Edition with Peter Van Hoesen, Artefakt, Deniro, Van Anh at MeetFactory

Following their audio/visual showcase at Griessmuehle in December, ISOTOOP continue their exploratory musical wanderings on Thursday 9th April in Prague with ambient and techno performances from Peter van Hoesen, Deniro, Artefakt, Alfred Czital, Multicast Dynamics, Yan and Van Anh at MeetFactory.

Curated by ISOTOOP founder Van Anh, the Amsterdam-based producer has hand picked an intricate selection of musicians and artists to transform MeetFactory into a space for dancing, contemplation, and joy ahead of the Easter break.

During the event, revellers are invited to explore two rooms at the club. The main room will focus on hypnotic rhythms, obscure electronics and jagged techno – soundtracked by Dutch darlings Deniro and Van Anh alongside Harmony Rec resident Yan and Peter van Hoesen.

Room two hosts ISOSPHERE – a sanctuary for self-reflection, live performances and ambient soundscapes all conjured through an immersive Pentacle 15.3 surround sound system. Peter van Hoesen will perform a meditative live set, whilst Artefakt, Multicast Dynamics and Alfred Czital will soundtrack the rest of the evening.