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Inland compiles and mixes ‘Stream State’ feat: Efdemin, DJ Skull, Sophia Saze, Boddika, Peter Van Hoesen, Fred Mann, Rhyw

Today British producer Ed Davenport aka Inland unveiled his most ambitious label project to date – a 4 x 12” compilation and DJ mix named ‘Stream State‘ through his own imprint Counterchange. Featuring over 20 producers, both veterans and new, the compilation presents a diverse and colourful selection of modern techno producers straight from the heart of Berlin.

Complete with a 90 minute mix recorded by Inland, Davenport has assembled the likes of DJ Skull, Efdemin, Joel Mull, Boddika, Peter Van Hoesen, Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit to a new echelon of up-and-coming talent including Rhyw, Sophia Saze, Jamaica Suk, Johanna Knutsson, Aiken, DJ Sodeyama, Perm, Felix Fleer, plus debuts from Fred Mann and Arbitrage.

Throughout 2020, Inland will play a series of ‘Stream State’ events hosting a selection of the artists involved at celebrated venues around the globe. The first announced events are to be held at IFZ in Leipzig, The Block in Tel Aviv, FOLD in London, ://about blank in Berlin, Nitsa in Barcelona, Vurt in Seoul, Gare in Porto and a pre-release event at Spacehall record store, Berlin.

‘Stream State’ is scheduled for release via Counterchange on 21 February 2020. 


Record I
A1. Johanna Knutsson – Synthsakral
A2. Efdemin – Sequence 100
A3. Sophia Saze – Same Sane
B1. DJ Skull – Good Pain
B2. Patrik Skoog – Echophenomena

Record II
A1. Inland – Overthebrainbow
A2. Joel Mull – Cerritulus
B1. Arbitrage – HON
B2. Peter Van Hoesen – Twin Motive

Record III
A1. P. Lopez – Power G
A2. Perm – Busak
B1. Aiken – Second Law
B2. Jamaica Suk – Drumtaktics

Record IV
A1. Rhyw – Chisel
A2. Tripeo – Humble Bragging
B1. Fred Mann – Nacre
B2. Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit – MBDC 4
B3. Distant Echoes – Todo Muere

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