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EOD: Swurlk EP

Norwegian producer Stian Gjevik aka EOD (among other monikers) has an impressive CV of releases on labels such as Rephlex, WeMe and Central Processing Unit. Here he delivers what is perhaps his finest EP to date, on the relatively recently minted and somewhat bizarrely named bbbbbb imprint, curated by Icelandic producer (and Nina Kraviz protege) Bjarki.

Swurlk (snarlfingercroak mix)‘ channels a strong combo of “Syro” and “Analord” era Aphex Twin but with a decidedly personal touch on the main melodies. Rythmically Gjevik keeps things more straightforward but musical flourishes do a great job of holding the listeners attention throughout – including a nicely crazed breakdown at the halfway point.

Evenhark’ continues the theme with inflected electro funk basslines and wonderfully evocative melancholic pads created on ever-so-slightly-detuned synths that never seem to be at odds with the sneakily high tempo.

‘Swarm’ changes direction towards a more straight-up pounding territory, pure analogue hardware in effect as Gjevik viciously throws down on his boxes. The atmosphere intensifies to a crescendo that will undoubtedly see chaotic warehouse scenes over the coming months as a filtered snare roll sees things to their conclusion.

Closing track ‘ELCASET_TESTGROOVE’ returns to the template of the earlier tracks with more first rate synth work and cheekily playful grooves. Gjevik may risk being attacked as an Aphex clone but the standard of his music speaks for itself after more than a decade in the game. We are far from pastiche territory here – he is simply one of a second wave of Braindance producers who, whilst clearly inspired by the genre’s main protagonist, are more than capable of holding their own.

Swurlk EP is out now, order a copy from Juno.


01. Swurlk (snarlfingercroak mix)
02. Evenhark
03. Swarm

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