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EOD: Swurlk EP

Norwegian producer Stian Gjevik aka EOD (among other monikers) has an impressive CV of releases on labels such as Rephlex, WeMe and Central Processing Unit. Here he delivers what is perhaps his finest EP to date, on the relatively recently minted and somewhat bizarrely named bbbbbb imprint, curated by Icelandic producer (and Nina Kraviz protege) Bjarki.

Ro Maron: Collected

An interesting compilation of work from a producer whose role in the formation of dance music as we’ve later come to know it is undervalued, but one which may have benefitted from being a little less comprehensive.

AFX: User48736353001

Kone-R offers his view on User48736353001’s uploads to Soundcloud, in what could be considered the most unexpected turn of events in UK electronic music history.

Ricardo Tobar: If I Love You

1. If I Love You (D’Marc Cantu Remix)
2. If I Love You
3. If I Love You (Samuel Kerridge Remix)
4. If I Love You (Low Jack Remix)

Lawrence: Films & Windows

1. The Opening Scene
2. Marlen
3. In Patagonia
4. Films & Windows
5. Etoile Du Midi
6. Lucifer
7. Kurama
8. Angels At Night
9. Har Sinai
10. Creator (Final Call)
11. Teenage Barb

Anton Zap: Water

‘Water‘ is the debut full-length from Russia’s Anton Zap. In spite of being at least half comprised of material that has been released before (on labels
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Ceephax: Cro Magnox

1. Cooling Ponds (Drowning)
2. National Grid
3. Winterlo
4. Natural Spectrum
5. Memory Lake
6. Camelot Science
7. Transcontinental Power Lines
8. Cro Magnox
9. Quincy’s Classic
10. Imperial Lounge (Maximillion)
11. Voyage Of Excellox
12. Cobra Mist (Pylon Emotions)
13. Flight Of The Condor
14. Reactor
15. Newhaven Lights
16. Forest Zone 303
17. Voyage Of Excellox (Original)
18. Cobra Mist (Sidstation Version)

Benjamin Brunn: A Sun Life

1. A Sun Life
2. May B
3. Wheels Without Brakes
4. U Teach Us
5. Hart To Hart_
6. The Way She Giggled
7. Pankow Memories
8. ISS
9. Nash
10. Papanin
11. Sun

Bicep Vs: You/Don’t EP

1. Bicep & Ejeca – “You”
2. Bicep & Omar Odyssey – “Don’t”
3. Bicep & Ejeca – “You” (Steffi remix)

Shed: The Killer

Rene Pawlowitz returns with his third album under his Shed moniker, this time on Modeselektor‘s 50Weapons imprint following two well received sets for Ostgut Ton. “The
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Actress: R.I.P.

“On “R.I.P.” Actress has pushed his boundaries a little further than they’ve been previously, but the result is that once again we must ask the question
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