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Kasper Marott: ​Forever Mix EP

"Kulør 002 may be softer than its predecessor,
but it’s just as hard-hitting"

Copenhagen is a city that is widely recognised for routinely birthing some of the most inventive and emotive-driven melodies, and this is delightfully solidified again by Kasper Marott on his ‘Forever Mix’ EP, the sophomore release on Courtesy’s label Kulør.

Following on from the label’s thunderous VA debut that concentrated on the accelerated, powerhouse sounds of the city’s techno scene, this release sees the focus shift to the more softer side of the scene that is perhaps sometimes unfortunately overlooked.

The A1 ‘Drømmen om Ø (Forever Mix ‘19)’ really brings the striking cover artwork by Japanese artist ​Yoshinori Mizutani to life. Layered with organic animalistic echoes and tender synth lines, the melodies and textures place you firm in the midst of a tropical paradise.

Although long at 14 minutes, the track doesn’t get stale. Instead it slowly waxes and wanes, with shimmering synths entangling itself amongst a steady beat, before introducing a more bouncy acid element towards the end. With its abundance of mosaic layers and details, this one is worth multiple listens as you discover different elements each time.

‘Drømmen om Ø (Forever Mix ‘19)’ serves well at being a smooth, dreamy ascent into the flamboyant B1, ‘Sky Dreams’. Encompassing a similar pulse driven energy to his standout 2018 track ‘Keflavik’, ‘Sky Dreams’ is certified peak time dance floor material. A driving kick works together with a wave of upbeat, punchy synths proving that Marott is a master craftsmen of intoxicating, exuberant ear worms. Full of a vivacious and playful energy, you can already hear it featuring at many a festival this Summer.

Kulør 002 may be softer than its predecessor, but it’s just as hard-hitting and solidifies Marott’s voice as a producer. Across the two tracker, he proves his ability to communicate through his sonic lens the range of emotions that run through a dancefloor on any given night; elation, nostalgia, melancholy. This release also cements Courtesy’s strength as a curator of sound, and her continued devotion to highlighting some of the most exciting talents her city has to offer.

Kulør 002 is scheduled for release 24th May 2019, available in vinyl with an A2 poster insert. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Drømmen om Ø (Forever Mix ’19)
2. Sky Dreams

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