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Kessel Vale: Shapes EP

Dominik Lekavski, the Munich based producer going under the moniker Kessel Vale, is bringing out his debut on John Osborn’s Tanstaafl Records – quite a few tracks from the Shapes EP have been warmly received and bumped by the likes of Peter Van Hoesen and co, so how does the collective release look?

With 3 tracks on the EP, the whole project is a mesh of intricately designed dubby goodness, shape-shifting the borders of house and techno. A melting-pot of influences is prevalent throughout the EP’s production, and Germany in particular has a rich heritage of music that can be hard to stand out from, you’ve got a wealth of talent in both artists and label content, so it’s no surprise that from the first track Her Calm Shape, Kessel Vale is taking all those influences and running with them in a few directions, bringing some fresh and interesting vibes with it.

Rituals the second cut, which we are premiering, bruises through with its heavy bass and industrial riffs, orchestrating dirty madness as it takes itself to the dry cleaners – this track is probably going to mess with some heads. Persistence is right on the money, a bread-winning pick for DJs and the peak time finale of the EP, it’s getting championed in a bunch of sets and some righteous nods through airplay.

When you listen to the EP, you can tell Dominik has thought about it, he’s trying out different rhythms, experimenting with tempos and generally it’s crafted neatly… probably why John Osborn took a chance on bringing someone outside the Tanstaafl family onto the roster then.

Fans of the Lobster Theremin, Smallville and Hivern Discs releases, this is worth a notable look in, the EP is out for release later this month. Buy it here .


1. Her Calm Shape
2. Rituals
3. Persistence


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