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Leeks: Qwerty

Leeks isn’t new to Traum, he’s remixed Max Cooper for the label already. Leeks has a cool techno attitude with a swing like programming and diverse sounds in his palette.

Trapez adore his way of experimenting with sounds, some are quite edgy others are electronic sounding and not necessarily pleasing sounds, yet he uses them in nearly every production he releases. “Qwerty” for example does not subdue to the daily routine of today’s techno but moves upright and proudly. If you like the sounds of Jeff Mills, you’ll understand a bit about what is going on here.

“Not So Late” opens with an obscure electronic sound but then has a crowd pleasing big housy bassline drop in. A phenomena of British house, we dearly love. Leeks moves in the direction of early Blake Baxter piano chords with this track, somehow conveying a feeling of anxiety as if walking dimly lit streets at midnight.

“Adhesive” is a bit of a Dadaistic track… it’s cool rhythm production makes it the most advanced on this record. This track is a real trax, quirky and only for the wicked… with a bit of a non-sense sequency running through it… getting a bit of humour into the dry dance world. The last track on the EP ‘Insert’ is a bassline driver, with percussive programming that is very much in tune with modern techno trax that generate motion.