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Luke Abbott: Music For A Flat Landscape: Original Soundtrack to ‘The Goob’

The love for ambience has seen a resurgent and steady rise in music recently, seeing a new lease of life; it’s been duly noted and harpooned via the internet’s blogs and shows no signs of slowing, not for all the beanbags, wind chimes and spliffs in the world.

In the midst of this ambience, Luke Abbott has brought out ‘Music For A Flat Landscape’, which is not only a rather provocative display of his production, but it’s also the original soundtrack to the recently released film ‘The Goob’.

Not missing the point that Luke, the talented impresario signed to Border Community, who gave us both Holkham Drones and Wysing Forest, has a rather enigmatic way with music and uses genres as a smorgasbord. With this in mind, it’s best to consider ‘Music For A Flat Landscape’ openly, ready for the differing aural ambience.

There is a wealth of variation and emotion on this record, from ‘Ascending Spirals’ the opening track, a haunting yet striking creation, Luke creates a sense of such depth from the rising flow of chords, providing ease of displacement from the start, to ‘Night Bike’ which builds a sense of urgency and trepidation, perhaps even the heroine brigading into danger.

Then there are pieces like ‘Asperity Drone’ and ‘Tape Bells’ that are particular in nature and uniquely offering a moment in time unlike any other, from a harrowing nightmare to a warm day in the sun, the production on this release could have laid quite the atmosphere on a bundle of projects, documentaries and films, such is the quality of sound being resonated into your ear drums, tracks like ‘Gongs’ and the series of ‘Landscapes’ don’t let up for substance either, more so they work really well.

When you consider that this isn’t music for the club, clearly, but an attempt to scope a singular story… and when viewed from that perspective, ‘Music For A Flat Landscape’ does a rather profound job of being not only emotive, but frighteningly beautiful. Those that do enjoy the ambient tipple would do well to give this a whirl, sit back and meditate, or whatever.

Music For A Flat Landscape is out now on Buffalo Temple, order a copy from Luke’s web-store. ‘The Goob’ is out now in cinemas.


A1. Ascending Spirals
A2. Tape Bells
A3. Night Bike
A4. Gongs
A5. Landscape 4
B1. In Fields
B2. Landscape 2
B3. Asperity Drone
B4. Landscape 3
B5. Passing


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