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M.E.S.H. : Scythians EP

There’s talk of foley blades and sewers in the press release for  I had to Google foley blades and I’m still not entirely sure what they might be. But I can now hazard a guess at what they might sound like…

The M.E.S.H release arrives in distinctive  style of white vinyl within a uniquely designed plastic transparent sleeve – you know, the type where you have to wrestle the vinyl out of its sticky encasement in greedy anticipation to get it on the deck for a listen.

Not that I should complain in any way about the PAN aesthetic, Bill Kouligas has got an excellent thing going on and continues to surprise us with future gazing sounds as dynamic as they are compelling. M.E.S.H is no exception taking on a hybrid form of techno, 808 whomp, smudged rave / jungle references and hazy almost angelic melodies.

Stuttering redacted breaks machine gun their way across ‘Scythians‘ whilst ‘Interdictor‘ unfurls a stylishly tense combination of skipping kicks and thrusting techy leanings that will have you cranking the volume a touch higher. ‘Imperial Sewers‘ is the highlight of the EP – all growling bass rumble, hip hop claps, and Art of Noise pitched vocal samples buried amongst diffused twilight melodies.

M.E.S.H. plays with a downright weird combination of genres that in less able hands would fall apart at the seams yet here gains multiple listens in an attempt to fathom its obscure depths.

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