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Melly: Low Pressure

Over the last few years, UK-based imprint Where To Now? have been a driving force in the emergence of a fair amount of exciting new talents amongst whom Helm, Lutto Lento, December, Beatrice Dillon, Machine Woman, Morkebla… who quickly converted the try and bloomed onto further welcoming pastures. Dublin’s up-and-comer Melly is one of them.

After a pair of highly promising contributions to WTN?, the Irish producer reels back to where it all started with ‘Low Pressure‘, freshly out via mother country’s flagship All City offshoot Jheri Tracks. Whipping out four hybrids of low-slung tech and proto-exotic house gone astray, Melly not only lives up to expectations but shows that he’s discreetly shaping up a proper unique and significant body of work, far from any hyped frenzy.

Entwining an intricate skein of jacking tribal drums, phased ping-pong percs and hovering helicopter samples over washed-out pads, EP’s highlight ‘Doof Doof‘ eases you into Melly’s polychromatic imaginarium with poise and class. A straight up hypnotic dance object that doesn’t lack depth either. ‘Low Pressure‘ dips further into off-kilter downtempo realms with an extended blend of Andean panpipes and subtle caribbean steel-drum rhythms.

Like on the A-side, the first track of the flip attacks pedal to the metal. Blazing with mangled vox apostrophes and catchy far-eastern strings carried by a stupendous buildup, ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘ is a thrilling primitive rave igniter that shall get instant response from the dancefloor no matter the hour of the day. Closing festivities, ‘Mask Shop‘ makes for a nice instrumental addendum and has some potential as an efficient DJ tool but no more than that. However, nothing to alter Melly’s faultless mini tour de force.

Low Pressure is out now, order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Doof Doof
2. Low Pressure
3. Quarter Life Crisis
4. Mask Shop

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