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Minimal Violence: MVX / U41A

MVX / U41A’ brings melodic, minimal synth nostalgia to the dance floors of 2018. The two track EP screams UK rave culture with its heavy drum machine samples, short string stabs and euphoric melodies. Interesting to note considering the girls behind Minimal Violence, Ashlee Luk and Lida P, recorded the whole thing in Vancouver’s Deep Blue – the D.I.Y event space come studio complex at the heart the city’s thriving music community.

Brought out on Ninja Tune’s sub-label TechnicolourMVX’ is a big hit. It is highly emotive making it listenable outside of party hours, however it delivers just as much in the rave. The high-hat’s are simple but fast, propelling the track along rapidly. The breakbeat kick is exciting and along with the snare wonderfully dirty, reminiscent of a sweaty drum and bass rave. On top of this lies an ever present melancholy yet haunting melody, again pulling the track forward. The string stabs add a bright euphoria to the piece. This really is one of the more stand out tracks from the Minimal Violence collection.

‘U41A’ holds a different structure. The high hats are in patterns rather than constant, the kick is a lot more rolling and at times delayed while the Juno 60 and 606 play more of an erratic minimal melody. All this causes unease and somewhat of a build up, perhaps a perfect build up for ‘MVX’ which releases us into a emotive euphoria.

Overall, the release is an excellent window into Vancouver’s underground club culture. Reflecting the feel of the Sacred Sound Club, a collective that Minimal Violence adhere to, showcasing the heavier and more aggressive side of dance music.

MVX / U41A is out now on Technocolur, order a copy here.


B. U41A

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