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Nadsroic & Hudson Mohawke: Room Mist

This latest release from the LuckyMe label has recently been getting us hot and bothered for a number of reasons. First off, Glasgow’s beat wunderkid Hudson Mohawke is on production duties and, secondly, this sounds pretty much like nothing we’ve heard before.

Teaming up with fellow Scot, Ciorsdan Brown (aka Nadsroic), Mohawke blends R’n’B (in the most American sense of the word) and Crunk together before putting it through his trademark production style. Nadsroic provides the vocals and the prospect of a white Scottish woman half-rapping, half-singing in an American accent about “getting down with her girls” might, at first, put you off. But don’t let it because from the first line of the title track it becomes apparent that she has a style that instantly gets under your skin. Her voice barely rises above a whisper and her cool delivery works incredibly well both when she’s in party mode, on “Room Mist” and the fantastic “Step Back”, and when she’s being more reflective, on tunes such as “Leopards” or “Allhot”.

As a collaborative effort, these six tracks are perfect because both artist’s styles shine through simultaneously, complementing each other, without either taking full center stage. For example, Nadsroic’s voice is, obviously, the basis for the tunes but Hudson Mohawke plays around with them enough, especially on standout track “Allhot”, for his presence to not go unnoticed. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more from these two artists working together in the near future. Wonderful.

This EP is sleek, stylish and sexy as fuck and it will definitely be the soundtrack of the summer!

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