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Donato Dozzy & Cio D’Or: Menta

“Menta” is the first result of a collaboration between Italian producer Donato Dozzy and Cologne’s finest Cio D’Or. ‘Time To Express’ delivers 3 tracks of purely relentless deep techno. Donato Dozzy is renowned for his DJ sets, if you see him play it’s likely he’ll keep you entertained for up to 7 hours with some of hardest techno you’ll ever hear. It’s of no surprise that his productions reflect this, and his previous releases are some of hardest, dirtiest and mesmerizing techno around.

Cio D’Or DJ skills are equally as exuberant, clearly techno her sets range from maximal to minimal, but always with a pounding bassline pushing air around effortlessly. As a producer Cio D’Or has dedicated her life to discovering new sounds. Kitted out with a mini disc player and an MPC 2000 she samples everything, everywhere. Cio gained residency at the legendary Munich club “Ultraschall” and started to run her own night “Nachtwind” in “Woandersclub” and “Harry Klein”. Cio is consistently playing on both national and international dance floors with her emotive, almost magical sets. Before you read anymore of this, make sure you have some very large speakers in front of you, turn them up and prepare yourself, as these tracks will blow your socks off.

The title track ‘Menta’ sets the tempo with a short intro before a dubby groove comes in. It has a hypnotic element as distant melodies spiral in and out. On the flip side you’ll find ‘Limone’, my favourite of the 3, it begins will a deep chopper-esque bass line, its pressure is truly unforgiving as the sub bass swirls around. It finally drops at around 3:30 mins and is guaranteed to make you truly spangled.

‘Time To Express’ founder Peter Von Hoesen is on remix duty for the final track ‘Menta’, it builds on the original’s sense of space and repetition adding his own take on techno. This release delivers mental introvert techno tracks that will take the party and your mind to another level.

“Menta” is limited to 450 vinyl copies and digital formats from June 8th 2009.