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Nathan Fake: Crystal Vision

"Palpable energy splintering into an elemental glimmer - a testament to
Nathan's ability to continually push the boundaries of his sound to
create something unique"

As I sit here writing this, pondering whether ChatGPT will erase us all… I figure it’s going to be OK, because when that happens, we can all just eat, shit, fuck, sleep and query our way into the new era… right? So when you query electronic music with diamonds, out pops Nathan Fake‘s new album ‘Crystal Vision‘, and BOI does he return to form with something to say.

Having gained notoriety with tracks like the extraordinary “The Sky is Pink” and spending earlier days releasing on Border Community and then Ninja Tune, ‘Crystal Vision’ marks Nathan’s second full length on Cambria Instruments, the label he co-founded with Wesley Matsell. So the Norfolk lad brought us another one and at home is where it’s at!

Crystal Vision‘ is exactly that, palpable energy splintering into an elemental glimmer – a testament to Nathan’s ability to continually push the boundaries of his sound to create something truly unique. What a return to form on his own imprint – this is an artist finding exploration and comfort in his own sound.

Yes astronaut, send us to space. From trance elements to the trip-hop-esque textures, ‘Crystal Vision‘ is well put together as an album and given a listen reveals a bunch of highlights, from dance emotions running dreary in the grass and peak performance glitchy naughtiness in Boss Care.

Nathan’s differing penchants for tempos, brings us moments in ‘Crystal Vision‘ where the pace throws you across the corridor, maybe this isn’t intentional, maybe it is, who cares, it works. A pure genre-hopping example of this is the mellowed out haze and sunshine of CMD, pumping right into the Amen breaks of Bibled (RIP Gregory) – well played.

Pick a point in time or throw a dart in Nathan’s catalogue sporadically and you’d come across a mix of everything from leftfield electronica and techy bangers, to the rural countryside distilled in aural snippets… ‘Crystal Vision‘ feels more determined and purposeful than previous efforts, a rehashing of one’s focus, not like the corny New Year’s resolutions you never keep, more-so an artist deciding this is the sound I want the world to hear, and wanting to be playful while doing so! Bravo.

‘Crystal Vision’ is scheduled for release 7 April via Cambria Instruments. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Arrival
2. The Grass (feat. Wizard Apprentice)
3. Vimana
4. Boss Core
5. Crystal Vision
6. CMD
7. Bibled
8. Hawk
9. AMEN 96
10. Outsider (feat. Clark)