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Nathan Fake: Sunder

There is much to be said for not over producing and recording live to tape – yet regardless of the work process, it’s the final outcome that matters most and in this case it has served “Sunder” and our ears magnificently.

Gerry Read: 3,2,1 EP

The trio of tracks on show is worthy of being held up there as one of Aus Music’s best and a frosty stare in the direction of any doubters in the wings.

Top Tracks 2013

We called upon the producers, labels and friends that we’ve worked with in the past to compile a playlist of their top tracks of 2013. Each list has been collated into a YouTube playlist for you to stream.

Nathan Fake

1. Four Tet – Glue Of The Otherworld
2. STL – Zeitsprung
3. Lone – Ultramarine
4. Scott Garcia – Waiting
5. Plastikman – Panikattack
6. Allez Allez – Slump
7. Plastikman – Skizophrenic
8. Martyn – Hear Me (Zomby Remix)
9. Dave Angel – Sound And Light
10. Thomas Bangalter – Outrun
11. The Prodigy – One Love (Jonny L Remix)
12. Kenny Larkin – Q
13. Lukid – Blind Spot
14. Wesley Matsell – Mind VS Mind
15. Joshua Ryan – Pistolwhip (James Holden Remix)
16. Brothomstates – 24101999 (Vinyl Version)