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Nico Lahs: Blow Your Mind

"The synth work here is Nico Lahs at his best with a day break
melody blotting out any lingering darkness from the morning sky"

Italian producer Nico Lahs, real name Nicola Loporchio, has been releasing deep, classy house music for over a decade, but 2020 has seen the producer ramp up his output. In May he released ‘Freedom‘ – an LP of smokey vintage house released on Adeen In July, he issued a 12-inch of disco edits via Dailysession Records. Now he caps off this stellar run with an EP on Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic Recordings.

There is a naturalness in the fit between Loporchio and Curtin. On opener ‘Blow Your Mind’, we start with a taste of high definition emotion as ascending and descending scales snake over an absolute groover of a bassline. It’s the type of warm, yet funky dance music that Curtin has been pushing for the past three decades, a continual interplay between analogue toughness and melodic futurism.

The same is true of the A2 and B1. Tough kicks give way to rain drop bongos and sighing pads on ‘Touch Me’, while ‘Is This The Way’ ups the BPM to just shy of 130 and adds some squiggled synth whines into the mix, making it the most obvious dancefloor pick.

Our pick, however, is record highlight, ‘The Free Life’. The synth work here is Loporchio at his best with a day break melody blotting out any lingering darkness from the morning sky. But the track still has some teeth  with a bassline that will keep your feet moving, even if you know it’s probably time to go home. The track, in short, is a masterclass in the groovy and emotional music that both Loporchio and Curtin do so well.

‘Blow Your Mind’ is scheduled for release 2 October via Metamorphic Recordings. Order a copy from Subwax.


A1. Blow Your Mind
A2. Touch Me
B1. Is This The Way
B2. The Free Life