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Sordid Sound System : Fear Eats The Soul

Green Door Studio co-owner and engineer, Stuart Evans, resurfaces his Sordid Sound System moniker for another belter of an EP via Glasgow based Invisible Inc. ‘Fear Eats the Soul’ takes us on a global trip as a concept EP made of “four imaginary bands from Detroit, New York, Paris and Munich“. And the results are as rich in history as they are a satisfying listen.

Sordid  Discoteca” is a direct nod to Moroder & Belotte’s Munich based Musicland studio where they cooked up that classic Donna Summer bassline. Evans pulls and stretches the concept into a slower tempo frug with trademark analogue delayed vocals building tension whilst the bass morphs acidly into an cowbell infused conclusion.

We head to ’70s New York on “Brave New World” where looping disco / funk is warped through a prism of obscure vocal samples and ace synth octave switching and filter cut off abuse. Paris sees Evans exploring “Blues Pour Vivienne” complete with wonderfully unhinged guttural announcements of “Je t’aime,  Je t’adore” – what more could we expect here!

Naturally for Inverted Audio we’ve gravitated to Detroit with “The Grove” which is a rather excellent techy / dubby 808 work out in classic SSS form and a track we are delighted to premiere for you here. Behind the music there is also a message which I’ll leave via this quote from Sordid Sound System in the accompanying press release  – as poignant as this EP is excellent:

I’m pissed off with passive aggressive shabby chic artisan boutiques besieging my studio and complaining about the noise, I’m pissed off with coked up yuppy hipsters in land rovers taking over my neighbourhood with fancy restaurants with names that sound like fucking law firms, I’m pissed off at the resurgence of the far right and creeping fascism, I’m pissed off with self sabotaging English and American voters and the neo liberal corporate elites that have pissed away opportunities and alienated them, I’m pissed off with modern recording technology creating a sea of homogenous unimaginative beige bullshit, and I’m really pissed off that my favourite drummer Jaki Leibezeit is dead, but apart from that it’s all good, enjoy the new record.

“Fear Eats the Soul” is out on 28th March with just 250 copies on wax. Grab a copy here.


1. The Grove
2. Brave New World
3. Blues Pour Vivienne
4. Sórdida Discoteca

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