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Teqmun: Worms Still Have To Eat The Dirt

"Squiggly, strictly metered electronics bolstered to fit the dark
endeavours of a restless body and intellect"

Critical examiners who love a solid imploding experience, if not careful around Teqmun‘s new album, potentially risk hurtling into a rabbit hole stimulation of sensory climax, infested with peculiar creatures cavorting amidst twisted frequencies. ‘Worms Still Have To Eat The Dirt‘, the new mind-mischief dispatch on the Dutch record label Nerve Collect, adds to a frenzy of fire-starter releases, all of which have altered neurochemicals for good in only a year into the label’s inception.

Observations of soft yet perilous terrains of nature, influenced by the shattering, austere, subversive qualities of the wild, the local Dutch plant biologist, Teqmun—real name Tijmen Blokzijl’s giddy revelations derived from investigations of mud and dirt in his garden, disruptively mutate to IDM, breakbeat, techno, and bass to comfort the discomforted and equally unsettle the calm and composed.

Hot flashes, really intense hot flashes tucked into each track on the EP, Teqmun takes no rest ploughing through fields of synthetic, kinetic energy. On the exterior, “Hand Full of Fluff” deploys spluttering percussion into feathery synth pads, opening gates to the heavy dose of fibrillating spasms readying to break free just about the corner. “Corn Has Ears” and “A Jerboa’s Escape” hyperventilate raw industry cuts of crisp and quivering drum patterns doused with fresh kinks for serious body movement in a hypnotic vortex.

Deep in the slime, there’s a bass-face certified hot mark on the un-skippable “Slug No Escargot“; ruptured vocal cords slit through charged shockwaves of static, boisterous bass; the vibe is deliberately infectious, leaving behind nothing but splinters from mass destruction. Adding to the purpose – “Slug No Escargot” gets a machine rework in the factory with Ma Sha firing up the engines to a filthy dimension. A raw and metallic scrunch of a wrung-out synth marred with grease and grime laced atop deadly percussion makes the remix an addictive little drip hard to reject.

Worms Still Have To Eat The Dirt‘ diverges Teqmun from the nature of his otherwise scintillating production techniques onto squiggly, strictly metered electronics bolstered to fit the dark endeavours of a restless body and intellect. The deranged explosiveness of the album mirrors the desired taste of anxious music relentlessly delivered by Nerve Collect—a label with a portal to a pleasurable valley of extracted dreams—that keeps eyes and ears peeled.

‘Worms Still Have To Eat The Dirt’ is scheduled for release on the 15th March via Nerve Collect. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Hand Full of Fluff
2. Slug No Escargot
3. Optimistic Fly
4. Worms Still Have To Eat The Dirt
5. A Jerboa’s Escape
6. Corn Has Ears
7. Slug No Escargot (Ma Sha Remix)
8. Optimistic Fly (TSVI Remix)