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Tom Demac: Sink Or Swim

Moving with the motions of the 5am early morning sways, the last key swindling the scraps of the bag, the couch behind you once filled and jumped on from earlier proceedings… distantly, through the haze, you remember the music fuelling the night’s entrance into the tabernacle.

For the lack of want to say, “What’s this track? Spotify can’t find it”, cos you’re not that kind of cunt. There’s always that fucker who plays a gem and you need to have it. Enter Tom Demac, and if you’re reading this, you’ll be no stranger to any of his output, nor will Hypercolour be new waves. Continuing their phenomenal relationship together, comes a new EP with two tracks ‘Sink or Swim‘ and ‘Mayfield Road‘.

Walking the line of techno and deep house notoriously, Tom’s array of production can go from the soulful grooves and melody that turn a dusty warehouse into saving Grace, but more importantly he’s got the rare capacity to flip the script, energising crammed rooms into blissful mania. Hype man ting wha wha.

And that’s exactly what this EP is, Sink or Swim flows in and out and delivers more heavy hits than a game of Whack-A-Mole, while Mayfield Road continues momentum with wobbles and bobbles before unleashing some glorious techno vibes.

So credit where credit is due, carrying out from the clubs and into headphones & beyond, music lovers that favour times like Dave Saints and Little Bits That Matter, will be drawn to this EP more than Silicon Valley drowns in Soylent.

Sink or Swim is released via Hypercolour on the 7th April 2017, pop a glock in this bitch. Peace!


A. Sink Or Wim
B. Mayfield Road

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