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Steffen Laschinski lines up ‘Rising Sun Interpretations’ on Freund der Familie

Rising Sun marks his return to Freund der Familie in February with the release of a double 12-inch album packing seven tracks of unwavering dub techno, deep house and ambient electronics.

Berlin-based producer Steffen Laschinski is perhaps one of the most underrated artists in the deep house realm. Despite operating labels Styrax Electronica and Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine, Rising Sun does not garner the attention that he rightly deserves for his overtly deep and melancholic brand of music.

For those not in the know, Freund der Familie is a vinyl only label from Berlin. It is also the production alias of label founders Klaus Rakete and Mirko Hunger. Over the past 16 years their output as a production duo has been consistently strong, resulting in multiple EP’s and two full length LP’s, ‘Alfa‘ in 2013 and ‘Omega‘ in 2018.

Rising Sun now steps up to deliver seven reinterpretations of these two albums and from what we have heard, it is by far one of the deepest and most heartfelt albums to arrive so far this year. Trust us, do not sleep on this one.

‘Rising Sun Interpretations’ is scheduled for release 20 February via Freund der Familie. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. α (Version by Rising Sun)
2. β (Version by Rising Sun)
3. γ (Version by Rising Sun)
4. δ (Version by Rising Sun)
5. ε (Version by Rising Sun)
6. δ (Version by Rising Sun)
7. ἐντροπία (alpha) (Version by Rising Sun)