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Listen back to Antepop all vinyl residency show on Netil Radio

Antepop delivers his first Netil Radio Residency of the year, presenting a 2-hour turntable assault exploring downtempo electronics, deep house, dub techno, jungle, IDM, vaporwave and folk.

Including music from Bibio, Grouper, Austin Cesear, Laurel Halo, Annie Hall, Francis Harris, Anton Zap, Midnightopera, Denaji, DJ Koze, Ohrwert, Freund Der Familie, Efdemin, Soulphiction, Map.ache, Jus-Ed, Fred P, Rick Felix, Leafar Legov, Ital, Plus One, Quirke, JAK3, Clams Casino, The Ambientist.

Antepop’s next residency show on Netil Radio takes place on 13 February 2023 (19:00 – 21:00 GMT).


1. Bibio – Phantom Brickworks III [Warp]
2. Grouper – Being Her Shadow [Kranky]
3. Austin Cesear – Easy Bend [Public Information]
4. Laurel Halo – Morcom [Hyperdub]
5. Annie Hall feat. Arcanoid – Ansia [Semantica]
6. Francis Harris – Radiofreeze [Scissor & Thread]
7. Anton Zap – Classic Dub [Millions Of Moments]
8. Midnightopera – Five (R’23s In Darkness RE-Shaped Vocal Dub) [Bio Rhythm]
9. Denaji – Dharma Drama [Unthank]
10. DJ Koze – La Duquesa [Pampa Records]
11. Ohrwert – Continuity (Untitled) [Millions Of Moments]
12. Freund Der Familie – Monday [Freund Der Familie]
13. Efdemin – There Will Be Singing [Dial]
14. Soulphiction – Ooze [Heidegluehen]
15. Map.ache – Enola [KANN]
16. Jus-Ed – Gods Grace [Underground Quality]
17. Sascha Dive – The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues (Fred P. Remix) []Deep Vibes Recordings]
18. Anton Zap – Love Boat [Ethereal Sound]
19. Rick Felix – Insane [Underground Quality]
20. Leafar Legov – When The Morning Comes [Heidegluehen]
21. Ital – Pulsed [Workshop]
22. Plus One – Me [First Second Label]
23. Quirke – Sample Devon [Whities]
24. JAK3 – Finally, I’m Free [Origin Peoples]
25. Clams Casino – Drowning [Tri Angle Records]
26. Annie Hall – Natron [Semantica]
27. The Ambientist – A3 The Ambientist 1-6 [Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine]