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Sad City returns to Phonica with ‘Introduction To Lisboa/ Sloe’

Sad City returns to Phonica’s Special Editions imprint with his stunning new 6 track ‘Introduction To Lisboa/Sloe’ EP with artwork by London based designer Jack Featherstone.

Since the first listen, I’ve been coming back for more, intrigued by the dense layers of field recordings of Lisbon and the seamless transitions from track to track. Sometimes it’s even hard to work out what’s what, is that a trumpet or a recording of a car horn?

I wanted the music and field recordings to meld at times, to obscure what was conventionally the musical element and what were field recordings, blurring the line between found sound and composition in the creation of a whole other.

Opening track ‘Introduction To Lisboa’ builds and builds from near silence to a cacophony of field recordings and looped horns. It melds into ‘Baixa Saxaphone’, where carefully paced percussion patiently enters over a wash of synth. From then on a delicate balance of restrained percussion and spine-tingling atmospherics interplay before descending into a blissful outro. However the highlight has to be ‘Apricot‘.

If you’re a fan of Tycho, Christopher Willits and Boards Of Canada then make sure you check out this record. Introduction To Lisboa/Sloe is released on 27th October 2014 via Phonica Special Editions.



A1. Introduction To Lisboa
A2. Baixa Saxophone
A3. Scyphozoa
B1. Apricot
B2. Sloe
B3. Stream

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