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Seekersinternational release bandana and album ‘Dub Displacement Dynamite!’

Following a collaborative album on Diskotopia last September, Seekersinternational have released their latest album through Canadian net-label Panospria accompanied with the drop of a limited edition bandana designed by visual artist Mysteryforms.

Recorded at Aquaboogie Studios in East Richmond, ‘Dub Displacement Dynamite!‘ is a “deeply cinematic soundtrack without a film” – a psychic journey traversing South East Asia to Berlin via Jamaica through the lens of the enigmatic cabal.

Spanning 7 tracks, the album explores a heady collage of abstract dub, experimental electronics and lovers rock, providing an all enveloping mind bokeh, sitting somewhere between the output of Rhythm & Sound. For those that are after something different, this is well worth your attention.

‘Dub Displacement Dynamite!’ is out now via Panospria. Order a copy.


1. Countryside Ride
2. Blast Mining v1
3. NuTribes
4. Greenwash Hypnosis
5. Razed Groundation
6. NuSkanking
7. Frozen Tropics (Eski Dub)

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