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Seekersinternational line up collaborative album on Diskotopia

Following the release of their jungle homage ‘Ragga Preservation Society‘ EP in 2016, sound system experimentalists Seekersinternational mark their return to Tokyo-based imprint Diskotopia with their next album.

Consisting of 10 hyper experimental and outernational tracks, SeekersInternational have worked with a high grade selection of collaborators including; Roger Robinson as Papa Robbie on Kill-A-Milli, Second Woman (Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv & Belong’s Turk Dietrich), wzrdyAV, and the late DJ Wundrkut.

Lifted from the press release “Worldwide Sound takes the original Ragga Preservation Society record’s Mark Leckey meets Hype Williams approach to jungle dubs, radio rips, and soundclash tape samples—reaping Canada’s large ex-pat Jamaican community’s rich history of ragga-jungle—and douses it in high-octane rave & hardcore petrol before setting the whole thing alight to create a technicolor soundsystem polymetric fever dream. High-paced and restless, chopped and screwed beyond belief—for those looking to transcend to higher frequencies right now, you cannot afford to sleep on this unparalleled new album.”

‘Presents Ragga Preservation Society – Worldwide Sound’ is scheduled for release 24 September via Disktopia.


1. Worldwide feat. wzrdryAV
2. Kill-A-Milli feat. Papa Robbie (Roger Robinson)
3. RingRingRiddim
4. SoundboyThunderbolt
5. TrussUBad feat. Second Woman
6. WatchuwannaDeuce feat. Wundrkut
7. DreadRunner (Can’t Keep On)
8. JamFlexEdit parts 1 & 2
9. ConsciousVybz
10. SoundTekOva

Seekersinternational Worldwide Sound Digital Artwork