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Semibreve detail live broadcasts from Tyondai Braxton, Laurel Halo, Oliver Coates, Klara Lewis

Taking place between 24-25 October, Semibreve reinvents itself as an online experience, inviting the world to watch performances from the 10th edition of the Portuguese festival.

Featuring a multi-faceted programme of sound works, special commissions, audiovisual installations, artistic residencies, workshops and roundtable discussions – Semibreve is an adventurous melting pot of music and art, all housed within the 17th Century monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, renowned as a landmark for Portuguese Rococo art.

Despite the veneer of a screen, Semibreve will broadcast live through their website site-specific performances from Laurel Halo, Oliver Coates, Klara Lewis and Gustavo Costa, plus sound pieces from Jim O’Rourke, Tyondai Braxton, Beatriz Ferreyra, Jessica Ekomane, Ana da Silva and Kara-Lis Coverdale.

Roundtable discussions also feature, inviting the likes of Jessica Ekomane, David Toop, Nkisi, Nik Void, Margarida Mendes and more to provide their perspectives of the scene. Check the complete programme below.

24 October / Saturday

10:30 – Ana da Silva (sound piece)
11:30 – Laurel Halo (performance)
12:30 – Edigma Semibreve Award winner (installation)
Merani Schilcher and Vinzenz Aubry – “Unknown Territories – Searching for Islands”
14:30 – Kara-Lis Coverdale (sound piece)
15:00 – The Physical and the Virtual (talk)
with David Toop and Jessica Ekomane
Moderator: Nuno Crespo
16:30 – Jim O’Rourke (sound piece)
17:00 – Post-Pandemic Performative Logic (talk)
With Pedro Santos (Culturgest), Alain Mongeau (MUTEK) and Nik Void
Moderator: Gonçalo Frota
18:30 – Jessica Ekomane (sound piece)
20:30 – Tyondai Braxton (sound piece)
22:30 – Gustavo Costa (performance)

25 October / Sunday

10:30 – Edigma Semibreve Scholar winners (installation)
Francisco Leal and Luís Ventura – “Randomofone”
Diogo Borges, João Maia e Silva, Miguel Moreno e Olívia Silva – “Dancing about Architecture”
Francisco Oliveira e Mariana Vilanova – “Hiato”
11:30 – Oliver Coates (performance)
12:30 – Keith Fullerton Whitman (sound piece)
14:30 – Beatriz Ferreyra (sound piece)
15:00 – Sound and Ecology (talk)
With Chris Watson and Margarida Mendes
Moderator: Raquel Castro
16:30 – Klara Lewis (performance)
17:00 – Post-Pandemic Editorial Logic (talk)
with José Moura (Príncipe/Holuzam), Mike Harding (Touch) and Nkisi (Axis Arkestra/ex-NON worldwide)
Moderator: Rui Miguel Abreu