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Sigha resurrects Our Circular Sound imprint and Faugust alias with ‘Parallel Rave Fantasies’ EP

It’s been five years since Our Circular Sound released new music into this world. Now label founder and curator Sigha breathes new life into his imprint with the announcement of ‘Parallel Rave Fantasies’ EP under his Faugust alias.

Faugust was initially a short lived side project of James Shaw, which only saw a limited edition 10″ vinyl release through Avian’s sub-label Mira back in 2014. ‘Devotions (1984 – 2006)‘ featured four tracks exploring plucked guitar drone and further abstracted electronics.

The press release states – ”Parallel Rave Fantasies features five tracks that pull together a clutch of his formative influences, leaning heavily on his early experiences with electronic music and placing them in with in the context of his contemporary production and sound design work.”

After an initial listen we can report that the EP delivers a IDM influenced sound, designed both for the dance floor and introverted headphone sessions. They’re all expertly crafted and designed, our highlights include ‘Cold Harbour‘, akin to Interstellar’s soundtrack and closer ‘Definition‘.

‘Parallel Rave Fantasies’ EP is scheduled for release 14 June 2019 via Our Circular Sound. Order a copy here.


1. Cold Harbour
2. Breach
3. Process Aesthetics
4. Parallel Rave Fantasies
5. Definition

Discover more about Faugust and Our Circular Sound on Inverted Audio.

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