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Skee Mask surprise drops triple vinyl ‘Pool’ LP via Ilian Tape

Today, German producer Skee Mask releases his third solo album via Ilian Tape, delivering 18-tracks of genre bending electronics spanning ambient, breakbeat, IDM and techno.

Mastered by the Zenker Brothers and Klaus Arnold, ‘Pool‘ LP follows up Bryan Müller’s second album ‘Compro‘, released in 2018 – an album of classic design…with no filler, half-baked ideas, or perfunctory concessions at any stage.

As you might expect, ‘Pool‘ LP is a surefire buy on sight situation. Each track demonstrating Müller’s uncanny knack of weaving seemingly disparate influences together, retaining recognisable individuality, yet still allowing them to mingle together as a greater whole.

‘Pool’ LP is out now via Ilian Tape. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Nvivo
2. Stone Cold 369
3. LFO
4. Rdvnedub
5. CZ3000 Dub
6. DJ Camo Bro
7. Collapse Casual
8. Breathing Method
9. Ozone
10. Rio Dub
11. Testo BC Mashup
12. Dolan Tours
13. Absence
14. 60681z
15. Crosssection
16. Harrison Ford
17. Pepper Boys
18. Fourth