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Stream ‘Halma’ taken from Dave DK’s forthcoming album ‘Val Maira’ on Kompakt

Berlin based producer Dave DK, real name David Krasemann, has announced his new 11-track album “Val Maira”, scheduled for release through Kompakt on 27th April 2015. Kompakt have also shared his new track ‘Halma‘ on Soundcloud.

Named after a valley in the Italian mountains, Val Maira goes beyond admittedly impressive production skills, aiming for deeply personal expressiveness and emotional impact, presenting an array of tracks eschewing some of the most notable experiences of Pop Ambient and warm electronica and techno. Stand out tracks from the album include “Fade In“, “Whitehill feat. Piper Davis” and “Immer Gut“.

Val Maira is set for release on 27th April 2015, download Halma via iTunes.




1. Fade In
2. Halma
3. We Mix At Six
4. Whitehill
5. Smukke Lyde
6. Naschi
7. Nueva Cancion
8. Veira
9. Immer Gut
10. Coolette
11. Kronsee

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