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Sushitech showcase at Wilde Renate with Baby Ford, Thomas Melchior, Steve O’Sullivan, Edward

On Saturday 16 November, Wilde Renate hoist the flag of Yossi Amoyal’s record label Sushitech for a full night of soulful, propulsive techno and house, showcasing the width and depth of the labels catalogue’s past, present and future. Deep, funky shower ahead.

Appointed main skipper for the night, legendary London-based DJ and producer Baby Ford will cast a spell of forward-thinking minimalism upon the dance floor. Herald of stripped-back electronics and stealth, texture-wealthy grooves, Peter Adshead has – in well over three decades of free-minded disco militancy – laid the foundations to an unmatched body of work, replete with choice contributions to labels like Rhythm King, Rephlex, Perlon, Insumision, PAL SL and many more.

Sushitech mainstay Steve O’Sullivan will crank up the dubby heat a notch further while Baby Ford collaborator and Ifach collective affiliate Thomas Melchior and Giegling staple Edward will sweep the deeper end of the spectrum to keep things mobile and emotional in equal measure. Not forgetting French jazzy house vibist Alexandre Gouyette, alias Brawther, who shall warm up Berlin’s chilly atmosphere with his balmy, sun-dazed Chicagoan blends.

The showcase will also serve as the release party for Audio Werner’s new album, ‘On A Different Note‘, freshly released on Sushitech.