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Teebs releases ‘Did It Again’ featuring Panda Bear

Following his recent performance with London Contemporary Orchestra at the Southbank Centre, LA-based beat-smith Teebs drops his first new material since 2020 on Brainfeeder, featuring vocals from Panda Bear.

Hazy, warm, deeply dreamlike and densely textural, ‘Did It Again‘ combines Teebs’ trademark production style with the psychedelic wails of Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear), who previously appeared on Teebs’ 2019 album ‘Anicca‘. The two make a natural pairing: not only does Panda Bear share a tendency towards the psychedelic, but knows how to write a vocal line that instantly embeds itself within your subconscious.

‘Did It Again’ is out now via Brainfeeder. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Did It Again (feat. Panda Bear)
2. NES