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Tune In: Alien Jams x Inverted Audio with Chloe Frieda & Antepop

We are delighted to announce that Alien Jams label boss Chloe Frieda will join Antepop on Balamii Radio for a live interview and mix on Thursday 27th October 2016, broadcasting from 1-3pm UK.

Established in 2014, Chloe Frieda’s acute curation of Alien Jams has proved that she has a knack of finding and pushing eccentric, off kilter and stunningly unique electronic music. Releases include Ommm, Design a Wave, Marreck, Karen Gwyer & Beatrice Dillon and their latest offering from rkss.

The label compliments the distinct identity Freida has forged with her NTS radio show and DJ sets, which link wonky sound art with high energy techno, glistening ambient electronics with drum machine driven post-punk. The most exciting examples of a burgeoning leftfield electronic scene are presented effortlessly alongside long hidden musical gems.

Debut release “Parallel Lines Converge” by Ommm was a twitching work of cracked radiophonics, Design A Wave’s “International Journey of Synthetic Emotion” a masterpiece of spaced out modular composition, and Marreck’s “Yuda” a vicious hit of noise drowned techno; the three releases pulling together disparate shards of the UK’s underground. From there the label dropped the split release of Karen Gwyer and Beatrice Dillon, bringing to the world some of the most experimental work by each artist, and just last month we were treated to some of the warmest, danciest work by Where To Now? and Seagrave mainstay rkss.

During the show Chloe will speak about her background in electronic music, what provoked her to setup her own imprint, her approach to A&R, label aims, aesthetics and artist development.

Discover more about Alien Jams on Inverted Audio.