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Selectors: Joy Orbison

"I don't see DJing or house music as a stepping stone. 
I feel like it's something that will always be there."

In the run-up to the Selectors stage at Dekmantel Festival 2015, we present the second film produced for the Warsteiner and Dekmantel’s Selectors series with London based producer Joy Orbison, talking about his musical upbringing, career and view on music alongside his uncle Ray Keith, aunt and girlfriend.

Shining light on Joy Orbison, the Sole Selectors series catches an artist that is one of the contemporary tastemakers in electronic music. Scoring a monster hit with “Hyph Mngo”, Joy Orbison never compromised on putting out music and playing shows as a DJ.

Joy Orbison has become a Dekmantel regular throughout the years. “I met the Dekmantel guys in 2010 when I played a very small show with them, and I just instantly got on with them. They understood what I wanted to do, and be, and I think at that time there was a lot of people who didn’t.

At Dekmantel Festival 2015, Joy Orbison will continue the story at the Selectors stage where he will play a two-hour closing set Friday 31st July 2015.

Director: Jaroslav Moravec
Producer: Bert De Rooij
Sound: Martin Merenyi
Editors: Eelco Couvreur & Tom Durston
Made by Inverted Audio Films