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Ultramajic unveils Truncate’s ‘Submission’ EP feat. Jimmy Edgar & Kris Wadsworth

Over the past two years Ultramajic has released some truly astonishing EP’s from the likes of Chambray, Aden, JETS and Lando all embellished with ultra futuristic cover artworks from visual artist Pilar Zeta. Now the Berlin based imprint turn to US producer and label owner Truncate as the protagonist for their forthcoming release ‘Submission’.

Submission‘ first appeared in January 2015 on the 79th edition of Fabriclive compiled by Ultramajic label boss Jimmy Edgar. The track will finally be released on 18 December 2015 featuring three alternate remixes by Jimmy Edgar, Turncate and Kris Wadsworth.

Truncate drops ‘Submission’ into a damp cave letting the baseline expand into darkness. Jimmy Edgar’s version wraps the high frequencies with robotic synths, Kris Wadsworth drowns ‘Submission’ in a frenzy of overwhelming grooves, spectral vocals and mind twisting claps letting its inner side come out at full blast.

Submission EP is scheduled for release on 18 December 2015 via Ultramagic. 


A1. Submission
A2. Submission (Jimmy Rework)
B1. Submission (Truncate Rework)
B2. Submission (Kris Wadsworth Rework)

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