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Kaazi shares two music videos from his debut ‘Zen Travel’ cassette on 100% Silk

Released in October 2016 on the ever quality-driven Los Angeles based label 100% Silk, Kaazi‘s graceful debut tape album ‘Zen Travel‘ certainly struck a chord with all lovers of refined ethereal house and other dreamy electronics alike.

Based out of Brooklyn, NYC, Kaazi not only carves out finely-arranged instrumental reveries but also works his magic via multiple visual formats, as presented in the two videos we’re proud to present today, which he shot and edited himself.

Subverting the usually sensationalistic news ticker into a poetic ribbon that delivers weird thoughts and absurd questionings celebrating the impermanence of things, the video for the vaporous ‘Skate‘ depicts a semi-abstract portrait of everyday urban situations and some skateboard action obviously, all draped in lo-fi visual FX, whilst ‘Air‘ flies us over for a zen-like, retro-inspired trip across the skies and airports, looping from a tarmac to the other as unsteady VHS renditions of the departures and destinations languidly reel off.

I shot all the footage last summer in NYC and on a flight across the country. I had imagined these videos to be an alternate news cast of sorts, an alternate window of perception. As the machine turns. instead of politics, violence, reaction – music and movement coalesce and are observed through simple windows of vision from the everyday. Humble gestures to move beyond the static.


Zen Travel is out now on cassette, order a copy from Boomkat.


A1. Air
A2. Tropics
A3. Balloon
A4. Cycle
B5. Skate
B6. Street
B7. Subway
B8. Cruise
B9. Mountain

Discover more about Kaazi and 100% Silk on Inverted Audio.

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