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Music Video: Arad – Inti

Best known as part of steel edged outfit Lakker, Dara Smith has flipped onto a brand new solo project as Arad. Earlier this year, we saw ‘The Glimpse‘ release to a warm welcome. Its multi-textural approach was easy to love with your mind happily following individual threads that made a grander tapestry–be it gamelan tones, bubbling vocoders, shoulder dropping bass vibes, or the icy lure of IDM’s classic template.

In advance Arad’s mix for Inverted Audio, we are proud to present a brand new video from ‘The Glimpse‘ project. The tumbling groove of ‘Inti‘ has been treated to a visual representation. The bold yellow background sets a scene for imagery that flits between fractal, kaleidoscopic smoke, and traditional rave imagery at will. A reflection of the project as a larger concept.

The Glimpse is out now on Bedouin Records. Pick up a digital copy from Bandcamp, or grab a vinyl copy from Boomkat.


1. The Glimpse
2. Inti
3. Fried Salt
4. Baked Arms
5. We Are Bacteria Sent Out Into Space
6. Slua Washed

Discover more about Arad and Bedouin Records on Inverted Audio.

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