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Music Video: Asa 808 – Love Trumps Fear

Berlin-based producer Asa 808 is one of those artists whose journey to artist was not strictly dance floor. A past in classical guitar and piano – that later broadened into theory, jazz and improvisation – has lent a keen musicality to his productions.

This does not mean there is a lack of edge through over polish, our kaleidoscopic video premiere of ‘Love Trumps Fear‘ demonstrates a deft structural ear in balancing the raw with the refined. Small movements in emotion see threads of weighty kicks and viciously sawing bass lines weave between soaring strings. With main room techno often erring towards percussive workouts that merely drop for a white noise rush, ‘Love Trumps Fear‘ is a welcome mist across the brow.

Love Trumps Fear‘ is part of a double headed single whose flip side ‘Woke‘ is already seeing mileage from Avalon Emerson, Breach, Frits Wentink, George FitzGerald and Whitesquare – that acts as a pre-cursor for a forthcoming mini-LP. Already the entrée bodes well for the main course.

‘Love Trumps Fear’ and ‘Work’ is scheduled for release 14th September 2018 via TOYS Berlin. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


Camera: Jakub Cezary Kaliszewski & Maximilian Günther
Editing: Vincent Tirpitz


A. Woke
AA. Love Trumps Fear

Find out more about Asa 808 and TOYS Berlin on Inverted Audio.

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