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Music Video: Bambi OFS – NIXH

First striking us with his exhilarating ‘Yakka‘ EP, Bambi OFS has continued to surprise us with his musical output ever since. The latest release, a remix package of his ‘Kwon-9‘ EP for the Antibody label, ties together the percussion-heavy originals on vinyl alongside phenomenal remixes from Don’t DJ, Georgia, Icon Template and Broken English Club.

The Belgium-based producer is carving out an almost unique take on dance music, with a heavy debt of gratitude to the endless rhythms and percussion-centric styles of Gamelan, and other styles of music native to Indonesia and further afield, adjusted and somewhat honed for Western club audiences while avoiding direct plagiarism of stylistics. Linked through Bambi’s vision of muddied time signatures and overlapping rhythmic meters, the revised ‘Kwon-9‘ EP goes for the jugular with inventive remixes from all contributing artists.

To tie in with the launch of the EP, Antibody commissioned a music video for the track ‘NIXH‘ from Stéphane Broc, featuring contemporary (and conceptual) dance from Paula Almiron. The video speaks of dualities, the juxtaposition of natural peace and synthetic chaos, and of finding a rhythm on the dancefloor that refocuses the personal experience. With rippling pools and grim, wintry forests counterpointing the strobe-struck flashes of Almiron’s dance, the video clearly mirrors the track’s complexities and nuance, providing a pulse-racing accompaniment to ‘NIXH‘.

‘Kwon​-​9 + Remixes’ is scheduled for release 30 June via Antibody. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Video Credits

Concept, music – Bambi OFS
Photography, editing – Stéphane Broc
Performance – Paula Almiron

ArtistLabelReleased30 June 2022Genre