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Music Video: The Fear Ratio – Spinning Globe (ft. King Kashmere)

The Fear Ratio — a power duo of James Ruskin and Mark Broom — land on Tresor with ‘Slinky‘, the first new material from the project since 2020’s ‘They Can’t Be Saved‘, featuring two tracks with vocalist King Kashmere.

It’s utterly unsurprising that in collaboration the two UK based producers — each rightfully lauded for their service to the world’s club scene thanks to the likes of Ruskin’s Blueprint Records and Broom’s Pure Plastic labels, in addition to myriad personal contributions to vital labels at crucial moments — deliver on ‘Slinky‘ mind-melting club gear.

Nowhere else on the LP is that fact as elevated as with ‘Spinning Globe‘, with King Kashmere laying down tersely worded truths over a complex but irrevocably danceable beat. Like a rubber band stretched taut and let loose, ‘Spinning Globe‘ zips and twangs in a half-time/hyper-fast 90BPM paradox, shirking familiar rhythms for IDM glitch heaven directed, like a lightning rod, straight to the dancing feet.

Matching the themes of the music, the video is conceptually direct but visually complex, flying past in a blisteringly hot streak of acid-drop pattern and colour, resolving the mind-melting music in sufficiently discombobulating manner.

The video was created by Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, “under the spell of the shamanic materialism”, fusing ideologies of historical avant-garde with analogue and digital modernisms. Powerful music for the floor, adventurous music for the head, packaged up for Tresor in one of the most intellectually interesting but emotionally raw releases we’ve heard on the label in a while.

Video produced by Colectivo Los Ingrávidos

‘Slinky’ is out now via Tresor. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

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