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Music Video: Beau Wanzer – A Dead Person’s Monologue


Beau Wanzer unleashes his first record of 2023 through iDEAL Recordings, delivering an 8 track EP of mutilated beats and horror-inspired electronics, recorded between 2009 – 2015.

To coincide with Friday the 13th, we present ‘A Dead Person’s Monologue‘ – a music video by experimental horror video collective Wetboxx – marking their first collaboration outside of the Wetboxx crypt.

Shrouded in mystery, Wetboxx is an Instagram and YouTube account that has amassed a cult following for their demonic short-films since 2015. Their work is shot on VHS and is usually just a few seconds in length. What is clear is that Wetboxx are purveyors of lo-fi horror – offering grotesque visions of demonic figures shapeshifting in dank locations accompanied with terrifying sounds and goth related music.

The video for Beau Wanzer continues their dark aesthetic, but this time transports viewers into the nave of a church where an open coffin lays at rest with a male figure inside. From above, a cloaked figure looks down at the coffin, provoking the figure to sit up and show its mask, hands ripping its neck apart to reveal a bloodied face. Not one for the faint-hearted. The mask was provided by Wanzer and features as the artwork for the EP.

At 2 minutes and 50 seconds in length this is the longest film to come out of Wetboxx mindset – something that fans will be quick to savour and could perhaps shed insight into the project.

‘A Dead Person’s Monologue’ is scheduled for release on 9 January via iDEAL Recordings. Limited availability via Bandcamp. All other copies will be available via Boomkat and record stores from 23 January. 

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