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Music Video: DR MYSTERY – Vecher

INDEX:Records have been fine tuning a clever blend of atmospheric house and techno with trunk-rattling electro and everything in between. For their most ambitious release to date, a 14-track V/A compilation, we get a tasting menu of their wonky take on dance music. There is glitchy breakbeat from Ike, warped club madness from GOD69, and ambient tinged-acid from Native.

Our favourite of the lot, however, is a slinky electro groover from DR MYSTERY. There is a clever contrast woven throughout the track and the accompanying video. The track starts with a soaring arpeggio made tender by the over-exposed film roll panning across some picturesque greenery. But just in case you forgot where you were (like it was 2019 or something), a heavy kick drum and an image of DR MYSTERY herself, wearing, her trademark mask (pre-dating our favorite COVID fashion accessory), arrive at 15 seconds.

This juxtaposition remains a sonic and visual feature for the duration of the video. Synth melodies contrasts with the icy hits of the percussion; the slight sepia wash of the pastoral film roll offset by the mechanic momentum of the train tracks that propel the video forward (a duality, I should add, that is literalised in moments where we get competing picture-in-picture video frames).

We reach our climax when the vocals come in around 2 minutes. But even here the dopamine rush of the human voice are refracted with the end of each line punctuated by a mechanic clang or sigh. The affect is almost like that second or two when you wake up with the slight adrenaline of optimism before realising that the world is still on fire.

INDEX:Vol.3 is scheduled for release 4 November via INDEX Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp and tune into their online listening party on 29 October. 

Video Credits

Directed by DR MYSTERY
Filmed by Robin Hergé
Edited by DR MYSTERY

Track Credits

Written & Produced by DR MYSTERY
Mixed & Mastered by Ike Zwanikken

ArtistLabelReleased4 November 2020Genre