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Music Video: Surgeons Girl – Sympathetic Cycle

Following recent high-calibre releases from Bakongo and DJ Plead, Bristol’s beloved Livity Sound, helmed by Peverelist, extends its reign over UK techno with a blinding debut EP from Bristolian audiovisual act Surgeons Girl.

The EP, ‘A Violet Sleep‘, marries Surgeons Girl’s passion for analogue synths with clipped and processed vocals to create a unique and broad sound that cannot be easily tied to existing music, evocative of the likes of Laurel Halo and Suzanna Ciani. It’s our pleasure to present the music video premiere for the final track, ‘Sympathetic Cycle‘, created by Surgeons Girl herself.

The video blends seamlessly with the swung, fuzzed-up beat of the track: labyrinthine patterns in gritty, high-grain imagery wash over the screen in hypnotic revolutions, flowing through colour and design in seamless motion. As woozy as the track is, its greyscale nature meets a mirror opposite in the hyper-colourful video that drips with lysergic blasts of denatured colour that makes one picture a slowly decaying roll of colour negatives flying over a projector.

For a debut release Surgeons Girl has made an authoritative and enthralling statement, showcasing not only her talents with synthesis and building quality music, but also her unique visual identity through a glimpse of her live performances. One to watch.

‘A Violet Sleep’ EP is scheduled for release 27 November via Livity Sound. Order a copy from Bandcamp


Music & Video by Surgeons Girl

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