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Music Video: Ike Zwanikken – Two Angels Sexting (—Angel 1)

To coincide with the release of ‘Suite in Lila‘ – we are premiering the music video to ‘Two Angels Sexting (—Angel 1)‘, the second track from Ike Zwanikken‘s five-piece exercise in ambient and experimental music.

The tracks soft melancholy is given a grain-filled DIY visage befitting the track’s brooding loop-hypnotism. The viewer is drawn in with close-ups of hands and feet dancing together against a pixellated background of a Skype call, the producer visibly filming the shot in the lower corner. Conversational text pops up in blood-red, hand-stamp ink: “I am writing to you now in code“, semi-obscured by variably algebraic, cultish and scientific codified images.

Over the 7-minute runtime camera-roll videos spark up, changing the narrative. We return to old scenes, their familiarity blending with the ever-rolling loop of the audio. Recordings of conversations lap at the edge of hearing, their true source (video or audio?) is unclear. The only constant is the unvoiced conversation between the angels, the opacity of the conversation forming intrigue’s hook.

‘Suite In Lila’ is out now in digital format. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. For BK
2. Two Angels Sexting (—Angel 1)
3. A Rose Coloured Border / The Light From Your Phone Screen
4. Smother 999
5. Two Angels Sexting (—Angel 2)

ArtistReleased27 April 2020Genre