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Music Video: Orchid Dealer – Night Fragments

Following the release of ‘Soft Reactions In The Sun‘ via Enmossed, the debut album from Miami via North Carolina-based visual artist and sound designer Orchid Dealer, today we present the music video premiere ‘Night Fragments‘ produced and directed by Mexican video artist Mariana Dianela Torres.

Mastered by Shy aka Special Guest DJ, ‘Soft Reactions In The Sun’ is a humid album of tape-drenched synth and field recordings, fusing elements of expressionism and the lush vegetation that encircles Orchid Dealer’s home in south Florida, creating fever dream-like zones sprinkled with moments from their everyday life.

To help visualise the album, Mariana Dianela Torres interweaves a sun-bleached and meditative zoner for the fourth track on the album ‘Night Fragments‘. To discover more, we asked Mariana to describe her creative process behind the music video:

“From my point of view, this work was focused in the sound perception on nature, especially the movement of water, the sun’s rays and the sea. The rhythm of the music gave me organic, introspective and meditative images. Above all, I focused on the feeling of calm that a specific space-time provokes, with a focus on humidity. I am mainly interested in the interpretation of the sound to take it to another completely free and experimental side, with both an audiovisual and cinematographic perspective. This process is constant in my work, I usually start from music and translate it into images, but also vice versa. Working with materials that already have a visual-musical charge enhances multiple senses. Music itself has qualities that can be translated into photographic, pictorial and cinematographic images-spaces.

I was on an island in the Caribbean when I shot the material and then I heard the soundtrack to which everything connected almost immediately and synchronously. Excess sea salt causes an absence of life and specific tones on water, this in turn accumulates in rocks and dead corals, it is with the tide that everything is kept in motion and nothing remains static. The visual flow runs through the space as if it were the sound of the sun’s rays in the sea. The montage arises from the textures that come from the sound. The material was filmed with three types of “low quality” cameras, which generated other textures.”

‘Soft Reactions In The Sun’ is scheduled for release on 27 April via Enmossed. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store

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