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Music Video: sss – Holyblood

Berlin-based video artist and producer sss lines up her next release on Brisbane’s experimental outpost Pocketmoth, accompanied with a dexterous self-directed music video ‘Holyblood‘.

Consisting of four experimental and downtempo tracks, ‘Lost Future‘ is an amalgam of textural samples and warped rhythms tipped towards the shamanic side of electronica. Sarah Schneider provides context expressing that ‘Lost Future‘ refers to the collective loss of a future on a stable and healthy planet, as well as an individual loss – of plans and relationships – that didn’t work out, leading to a future that will never be.

“Holyblood refers to something everyone was born with, something old that connects us to the past and with each other. The video includes footage connected to these themes of loss, collectivity, history, and the natural world. The images in the video include; human dramas, religious ritual, scientific discovery, polluted rivers, ancient civilisations, paranormal phenomenon, stars and planets. The repeating kiss sequence represents human willingness, in the face of broken heartedness and disappointment, to continue to open ourselves up to falling in love again.”

“In terms of the technical production of the video I used basic layering effects and video alterations in my editing software. I gave everything a fuzzy pink and lavender hue. I like it when old film gets degraded enough to become abstract forms and textures, especially out of context. I used to make zines and maybe there’s something of that in this video… finding old images and screen or Risograph printing them into different colours, letting them lose resolution, and seeing how images change in different contexts, as they overlap on the page and in your mind and find new meaning.”

‘Lost Future’ is scheduled for release 7 April via Pocketmoth. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

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