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Music Video: Shinoby – Celestial Bliss

Continuing his ventures into the darkest fringes of techno and industrial, Shinoby recently released his debut album ‘Celestial Bliss‘ via his own platform Istheway. A maverick in the hyper-codified underground scene, driving his muscular American car across the streets of Verona by day and setting the clubs ablaze by night, Contri cultivates the mystery surrounding his romantic persona.

Today the Italian producer is back with a special 2-minute trailer directed by YouTube’s fantasie rav. Expect a much detailed black magic cooking tutorial, intense close-ups on the phlegmatic face of a stuffed clown, vintage BMW driving through the night in slo-mo and cigarettes being stubbed out on loafers as part of a mysterious, eerie invocation. Enigmatic yet not bereft of humour.

Celestial Bliss is scheduled for release 16th August via Istheway, order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Celestial Bliss
A2. My Dissent
B1. My Dissent (Syntappella)
B2. Forever More
C1. Shine Of Chians
C2. Making Art Amid Chaos
D1. Obscure Creed
D2. Days Of Despair

Discover more about Shinoby and Istheway on Inverted Audio.

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